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As a Buyer “how you search is critical. Technology is so advanced it’s very easy to think that you can do most of the work yourself on 3rd party websites. These are websites that spend many millions on advertising to capture and keep your eyeballs on their screens. What many people don’t know is the vast majority of homes you see on these websites come from the Realtors – Multiple Listing Services, the MLS. When you use the site you are on right now, you are getting the information directly from the source because it’s linked to the Real Estate MLS system directly. If a Realtor implements any Price Changes, Adds a New Listing or Updates the Sold status…we get the information first and in it’s purest form. Sometimes when someone calls me and inquires about a home they see on another site I have to inform them that the house isn’t for sale at all or was sold long ago. That’s not the case when you are directly linked to the MLS as you are right now on this site. All homes listed by cooperating Realtors on the MLS come through this link. Pretty cool stuff. Plus if you ask a question it doesn’t go off to some agent who may be very new or simply lacking in knowledge or knowhow. Your question comes to me. Big – Big difference.

Okay, so after you do some  3rd party web browsing you drive around…and around…and around. Maybe you stop at a few open houses, talk to multiple agents over a period of time in person and on the phone to the point you begin to forget who you told what to… or for that matter what they said to you. The same thing happens when you call on yard sign after yard sign. Your notes get old or lost, houses you looked at get sold and agents start to forget about you and trash their personal notes regarding your needs because you didn’t build a meaningful work relationship with them. These are not some theories I am dreaming of, I know for a fact this is what happens so often based on the many calls I have received over the years. Most buyers are driving around in circles literally and figuratively. The knowledge I have can cut through the foggy real estate landscape and help to dramatically reduce time consuming, often wasteful tail chasing. That’s my goal, is it yours?

To summarize…
Searching on the web without an advisor is time consuming, frustrating and can lead to poor decision-making.

Call or email me.
You may learn more in 5 minutes than you would by talking to another agent for a month. A bold statement? Yes, but one I am prepared to back up.