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Does any of this sound familiar? 

It starts out innocently enough. You begin by thinking it’s time to sell. Before you call anyone you may look at local homes on the internet in an effort to get a fix on what your home could be worth or you hear what a neighbor’s house sold for recently and that gets your attention. Maybe you ask your old agent or a new one who is now your “best friend”. Bottom line, you suddenly feel it’s time to take the plunge.

All too often though…at this point you automatically call an agent you feel some connection or obligation to. It could be the agent you used previously, a relative, a “Top Pro” or even a neighbor who has a real estate license. It doesn’t matter.

You know doing this goes against the best advice you have given to your own kids because it goes against everything you have been taught since childhood. Who hasn’t heard something like this growing up; “Just because Johnny jumps off a bridge doesn’t mean you do!”. But so many sellers do just that… they sign off on one their largest financial assets to one person just because they like a person or think they are successful or worse…feel some level of guilt or obligation and they never get a second opinion before signing a listing agreement. And that friendly feeling goes away pretty fast when they pull out a listing agreement that “locks” you in for months and months. After you sign off and they leave you might say, “What the heck was I thinking?” Then it’s too late.

  • Did you Compare Commission Rates? Checking into this with someone else for 5 minutes could be worth Thousands and Thousands to your bottom line! Even though I am in the Top 1% of ALL agents in millions closed annually, at the time the listing agreement is signed my commission rates are negotiable.
  • How about home value? (did you get a second opinion …or for that matter did you consider getting an ACTUAL APPRAISAL by a Licensed Appraiser instead of just a Comparative Market Analysis. Did you know that a CMA, is all a Realtor is permitted to provide… and Banks won’t even consider valid? 
  • Regarding the agents you might consider: Do they work full time or part time? Will they go to all your showings, some of your showings, none of your showings? Are they active enough to be “ in the groove”? Lastly, will they treat your listing with the respect it deserves? I welcome these questions.

VERY IMPORTANT – Who will get the FIRST CALL on your home? A.) An Assistant? B.) An Agent who isn’t your listing agent who happens to be at the office doing floor time and knows nothing about your house? C.) The ACTUAL Agent you signed the contract with? We all get “one chance” to make a “first impression” when it comes to representing your home to a buyer. You would be shocked at how this is mishandled. In fact, I can even show you how to test this out before you sign with another realtor. I work in a system that largely eliminates this common issue and I will explain it in detail. Most people are shocked to learn how calls may be handled with their property. When they understand this, they really start to see why I consistently outperform over 99% of ALL licensed real estate agents year after year in millions closed annually.

Each time you sell your home it represents one of the largest financial transactions you will ever take part in. Cutting Edge Marketing, Heightened Negotiating Skills, The Ability to Handle Potential Problems after the Home Inspection comes in with issues you NEVER EXPECTED and if necessary to Renegotiate some part of a deal that may be coming apart during Attorney Review. People don’t put nearly enough thought into who will help them through the process until something comes up that makes them wish they did and by then it’s often too late. I see it all the time.

Call me.
You may learn more in 5 minutes than you would by talking to another agent for a month.  A bold statement? Yes, but one I am prepared to back up.